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Clara is so confusing and amazing! I can't tell which one is more of a trait confusing or amazing! Imma go with confusing cuz she died three times and other mumbo jumbo!

Clara Oswald ♥♥♥😭 From 'Run you clever boy and remember me' to 'run you clever boy and be a Doctor'♥

Contact 1 Extra Terrestrial City Built From 200000 LEGO Bricks by Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle is raising funds for CONTACT A Piece LEGO Masterwork on Kickstarter! Massive LEGO builds celebrating spirituality, peaceful ET contact and fantastical worlds. First work: LEGO pieces, hours.

Lego Model of Shark @ Sydney Aquarium

This is a large scale shark LEGO model, painstakingly designed and assembled by the LEGO Master Model Builder at Sydney Aquarium. A visit to Sydney Aquarium is a must if you wish to get this close to a white shark without the rod and reel.