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Balla Mate Ivan
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Lemon wedge in water while boiling eggs to allow for easier shell removal

Put a lemon wedge in the water while boiling eggs. The shells will just about fall off when they're done. Also try adding a teaspoon of oil to the water when boiling eggs.

goodbye burnt toast. clear toaster allows you to see it's doneness... best.invention.ever - Click image to find more Technology Pinterest pins

The Future™ delivers once more with another excellent product - the transparent glass toaster! No longer must you tweak your heat and timer settings, now you can just turn on the toaster and literally watch it heat up to a perfect golden brown toast.

Floating Shelf / Modern Entryway Wall Organizer with Magnetic Key Hooks in…

"Our Floating Entryway Shelf is built from a single hardwood board showing a continuous grain and consistent color. Available in 4 lengths"

Military ‘Bat-Hook’ Sucks Free Power from Overhead Lines

Grappling hook that harvests electricity from overhead powerlines. The RAPS, or Remote Auxiliary Power System, was developed by engineers at the Air Force research lab in Dayton, Ohio