Armadillos are amazing creatures, and the only animal that can transfer leprosy to humans, so look, but don't touch.

How much do you really know about armadillos, beyond their leathery carapaces?

13 things you didn't know about armadillos

Got Armadillos rolling around your energy? Check this page about symbolic Armadillo meaning for potential wisdom this unique creature has to share with you.

Bat Claws::They look sharp and wicked, but they are mostly for hanging tightly onto surfaces while upside-down.. .


Flying Fox – Pteropus mearnsi, from ANIMALIA Photographs by Henry Horenstein.

Image - Le Tatou (Armadillo) / Dasypus - animaux-animal : LE blog pour apprendre à... -

How to Draw Animal Bodies. Animal Tlatoque Created By Cindy Lu.

a tiptoeing armadillo!

A southern three-banded armadillo (Tolypeutes matacus) at the Lincoln Children's Zoo, Lincoln, Nebraska. (IUCN: Near Threatened)