Balogh Kriszta
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Mimos de Infância
Puppet Theater ~ had to pin it, even though it is totally out of the question.
[Oh, @Kristen Chorneau...] Rabbitat - Salley Mavor, Wee Folk Studio
Die schönsten Herbstdekorationen mit allem, was die Natur jetzt bietet! Lass Dich inspirieren!
Textured bean bags: wool, corduroy, velor, liberty, cotton, imitation leather, velvet minkee ... Cut 4 squares of 10cm side for each tissue. jeutissus
One word to describe this. Awesome. I would use this apron everyday to tell stories in my classroom if I could. Not only will the children be amazed that the apron is infact a canvas for the story they will be more interested in the story because of the props as well.
Lock and key busy board with padlocks. DIY project
Tree trunk trail
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Individual wooden chalk boards! I can totally make these!