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A huge Russian 152 mm ML-20 gun batters Berlin Battle Of Berlin, Berlin 1945, Germany Ww2, German Soldiers Ww2, Wwii Photos, Soviet Army, Rare Pictures, Red Army, Frappe
A huge Russian 152 mm ML-20 gun batters Berlin
a group of men standing next to a tank on top of a dry grass field
Hungarian 40mm Bofors
a group of men standing on top of a boat in the water
Red Army soldiers transporting a 76-mm divisional gun M1942 (ZiS-3) across Lake Sivash in Crimea.
Eastern Front Ww2, History Pics, Kingdom Of Italy, Military Photography, Italian Army, The Don, History Pictures, Men In Uniform
Italian artillery, Don front, Russia, 2 August 1942
Operation Barbarossa, Tiger Ii, T 34, Rare Images, Ww2 Tanks
Iconic Pictures, Ww1 Soldiers, Imperial Japanese Navy, Ww 1, 16 October, Military Combat, Army Vehicles
Long-range artillery ML-20 Steampunk Airship, Military Forces, Interesting News, British Army, Soviet Union, Model Making, Eastern Europe
Long-range artillery - Colorizations By Users | Gallery
Long-range artillery ML-20
men in winter clothing are looking at an old tank that has been destroyed into pieces
Arntitank divisional gun ZIS-3 model 1942,under the command sergeant Nurmukhamedova (left), fires during fighting in Pomerania. Gunnery feeder on the right foreground holds a UBR-354P round with a 53-BR-350P warhead (sub-caliber armor-piercing shell tracer "spool" type).