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Attila Balázs
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Carp Short Session Success by Julian Cundiff - Rig illustrations artwork

When Julian Cundiff’s first technical book appeared some seventeen years ago many who read it likened it to a nineties version of the classic ca.

Uni to uni knot.

<"readhead"> Uni-knot splice To get more bites from bass and walleyes when you're using braided superlines, you need to add a monofilament leader. The easiest way to make a strong splice is to use a barrel swivel and two Palomar knots.

Nikon 24mm f/1.4

Nikon - Nikon's best-ever wide-angle lens. It has both the best overall optics ever in a Nikon wide-angle, as well as ultra-fast speed for shooting in any light hand-held, even on film, great autofocus accuracy and instant manual focus override.