Im laughing so hard right now... men will be men

Guys Will Be Guys - Beach Boys Gawk at a Little Girl ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fails

Hungarian Puli    OH MY!!!!!!!!  ... wow is that a dog in there???  8-)

So, did God create the mop before or after creating this dog? (Flying Puli by Tim Flach) looks like Zadok to me!

You don't decline Chuck Norris

You don't decline Chuck Norris. You don't call Chuck Norris; Chuck Norris calls you.

And this dog who decided Taco Bell would be the perfect breakfast snack. | 28 Dogs That Immediately Regret Their Decisions

15 Funny Dogs Who Have No Regrets.I don't even eat Taco Bell but this made me laugh!


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Calm down... *magyar humor* :D

Calm down. *magyar humor* :D

Beauties of the Hungarian language, everyone!

Beauties of the Hungarian language, everyone!

Yes, the "baszni" is a very famous word in Hungary.Like the "bazdmeg" 😂😂

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