Desert Song

Desert Song

Bandaholic. Artist wannabe. Loves laughing. Speaks Hungarian, English & Spanish. Very much MCR-addicted. All bi myself. Bookworm. Wanna talk? Message me!
Desert Song
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Life is literally the longest thing that any of us will experience.

Twitter fight-flight (the source is a better picture of his wine-note) | LOLBRARY.COM

WORTH THE READ. Please excuse the language, but this is awesome This is the funniest I have ever read in my life. I love people like this. I want Élan as my new best friend.

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Holysmokes ((Frank 2015))

Welcome to Daily Frank Iero! A site dedicated to the talented musician best known for his years as.

I had to write and essay but instead i ranted about the teacher and practiced violin for a grand total of 3 hours and 40 minutes