Графический дизайн

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a poster with different types of flowers and plants on it's sides, including an image
Amazon A+content PAmpas grass
I'II create Amzone listing A+content label design store page design
a woman wearing gold earrings with green glass in the middle and an image of her face
Украшения | Инфографика для маркетплейсов | WB | OZON
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the different types of socks are shown in this info sheet, with information about how to wear them
Premium A+ Content
Premium A+ Content Design A++ Content Design
an advertisement for a car detailing shop with blue and black details on the front page
Amazon A+content Car Cleaning Kit
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an advertisement for a cosmetic product with images and text on the front, side and back
Инфографика на ситечко для вайлдберрис Brochure Design, Inspiration, Promotion, Design Template, Creative, Indesign
Дизайн карточки для маркетплейса
the advertisement for an electronic device is shown in pink and grey colors, with white letters on
Инфографика для маркетплейсов
an advertisement with flowers and diamonds on the side, in front of a gray background
Крем, косметика, инфографика, нейросети
Крем, косметика, инфографика, нейросети
an advertisement for the skin care brand, which is designed to look like it has many different
рич контент для Wildberries // инфографика / OZON
the brochure is designed to look like it has many different things on it
Рич-контент Озон, Рич-контент Вайлдбериз
an advertisement for a laptop computer on a stand
Подставка для ноутбука