Now I am the grown-up who does this :)

Morning coffee (39 photos)

I was the kid who stayed up all night reading. I am the who stays up all night reading. I will be the adult who stays up all night reading.

Starting a new book…this is what I did when I was introduced to Mr. Grey. :)

Starting a new book…

Funny pictures about Starting a new book. Oh, and cool pics about Starting a new book. Also, Starting a new book.

Never thought I would say this but I no longer want to be Mrs. Cullen... I'm grown up now and I wanna be Mrs. Grey.

Interesting how the females that loved Twilight are the same ones who 50 Shades of blah, blah, blah. Haven't they ever heard of Barbara Cartland? And when are we going to start telling girls they don't need a man?

#50 FSOG Do Not Disturb I'm Training With Mr Grey ;)

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I love you more than anything my love. I love you love bug

Good Girls Go To Heaven… Bad Girls Go To Mr. Grey -

You heard the buzz about the second book of the 50 Shades trilogy. Now YOU can get all the juicy details of amazing Shades of Darker novel copy

You just have to read the books. If you don't think you can be a bit more 'Mr. Grey', and a bit less 'vanilla', then this isn't going to work out. Fifty Shades of Grey

The double standard exists for both men and women. And religion perpetuates the inequality between the two, especially when it comes to reproduction.


"If you're brave to say "good bye", life will reward you with a new "hello" -Paulo Coelho-

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