Barbara Turbucz

Barbara Turbucz

Barbara Turbucz
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Gorgeous Bridal Bouquet at Peninsula Wild Flower featuring Native Flowers, King Protea, Menzii Banksia, Gum Australian Natives

Australian Natives for all the bouquets incorporating king proteas, white for me the bride and colours for our bridesmaids The special colour of purple will be encompassed for two of our three daughters who have epilepsy

protea arrangement, in my not so humble opinion protea should not be arranged in bunches. The flower is majestic enough that one is enough, with a little foliage. This detracts from their beauty, the colours are gorgeous.

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Watercolor Tropical Flower Protea

Watercolor vector isolated drawing exotic flower Protea flower Australia, watercolor illustration - buy this stock vector on Shutterstock & find other images.