Why I'm missing things being made in the USA. The Redhead Sez: Made in the U.S.A.

Have you ever wanted to be an American? As an American, can you pass the citizenship quiz? Maybe you don't know all of the civics answers, but can you pass the every day test for Americans?

USA,New York: Szabadság szobor:

USA,New York: Szabadság szobor:

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The High Five in Dallas, Texas, United States: an example of interchange design. This is a complicated five-level stack interchange due to the proximity of frontage roads.

San Francisco, Amerikai Egyesült Államok

A new generation of affordable housing activists argue that the way to get rents down is to build a lot more housing.

San Francisco-öböl, Amerikai Egyesült Államok

San Francisco Bay Top 10 Most Beautiful Bays In The World

Naplemente Patkó-kanyar, Amerikai Egyesült Államok

Julien Grondin, set off in 2013 to exercise his love of travel photography. Pictured: Sunset over Horse Shoe Bend in Arizona

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