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How to: Knots used for fishing lures can also be helpful in jewelry making ✿. - Fashion Addicted How to: Knots used for fishing lures can also be helpful in jewelry making ✿. Should you have a passion for arts and crafts you will appreciate our info!

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The STORM Orba is a unique watch with a circular window on the dial containing floating Swarovski crystals. The Orba has a contemporary white dial and case made from highly polished stainless steel on a white leather strap. Waterproof to


The STORM Black Marzella is the latest addition to the premium STORM Black range. This luxurious watch features Swiss movement, sapphire glass, ceramic bezel and links and black onyx on the crown. Water resistant to the Marzella is available in rose


The STORM Mini Lazer is a signature STORM style watch made from high grade polished stainless steel with enamel bracelet and lazer elevated glass dial which changes colour under different light. The Mini Lazer is water resistant to and available in ic