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the sun is setting over a snow covered road in the middle of mountains and hills
Sky Waves
a lake with snow on the ground and trees in the foreground, at sunset
***Soft colours of a snowy dawn in Falun (Sweden) by Maria Anderhell
the sun shines brightly over a lake surrounded by rocks and trees with snow on them
Solace in Nature
So peaceful and calming 🍃🍂
two hummingbirds flying next to each other near a red flower and green plant with orange flowers
Fiery-throated Hummingbird by Chris Jimenez Nature Photo, via Flickr
a stream running through a forest filled with trees covered in fall foliage and colorful leaves
Amazing beauty of autumn fall of leaves changing colors
a river with snow on the ground and some trees in the backgrounge
Зимнее очарование
Зимнее очарование. Фотограф KrubeK
a snow covered mountain with trees in the foreground and a pink sky above it
a polaroid photograph of the ocean waves
an orange and blue sleeping bag sitting on top of a forest next to a lake
the mountain range is reflected in a small pond near some rocks and grass with snow on top
Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) Section J - Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass - East
Spectacle Lake, Pacific Crest Trail Section J. Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass- East. Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest, Washington.
a river with snow covered trees in the foreground and water on the other side
Beautiful Nature
Beautiful Nature