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Girls With Dreads (16 photos) CAN be hot and have dreads! One day.

Bob Marley made dreads trendy. Lots of people in Jamaica had such a hairstyle. Now people all over the world wear it. It looks not very nice. But girls looks cute with it ; Girls With Dreads photos)


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Addis Ababa,Ethiopia/// In order to get this image I had to pin Bob. After all, who represents "The Lion of Judah" anymore than he ?

💚💛❤️Bob Marley standing before "The Lion of Judah" during his pilgrimage trip to Addis Ababa,Ethiopia.

Rasta Beach. To use when editing a photo of the boys.

gyclli: “ Hope is a waking dream / By ” “On the fourth day those that have pledge to be pierced do so. We lay them on beds of sage on top of a blanket, facing the sacred tree, and then the.