Cuba: Havana Shade - This series of romantic travel art is made from original oil paintings by artist Kai Carpenter. Styled in an Art Deco flair, this adventurous scene is sure to bring a smile and a smooch to any classic poster art lover!

She was on a poster for Tesla Radio. Nikola Tesla was an early pioneer in the days of radio.

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BITTER CAMPARI di Milano; poster Art Nouveau pubblicitario storico di un Classico Prodotto Agroalimentare Italiano, illustrato da Adolfo Hohenstein nel 1901. #CucinaItaliana #ProdottiTipici #PiattiItaliani #PiattiTipiciRegionali #CiboItaliano #CucinaMediterranea #ItalianFood #FoodLovers #FoodLove #InstaFood #Recipe #FoodPassion #Gourmet #Foodie #FoodBlogger #CarnevaliLuigi

Vintage Italian Posters ~ ~ Adolfo Hohenstein, Campari, remember drinking this when I visited Italy

Star Herb Vintage Poster (artist: Ludwig Hohlwein) German...

"Use Star Herb, Medicine and Teas" - Medical Poster - - Illustration and Graphic by Ludwig Hohlwein - Germany).