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darthshizuka: “ ALL THE FEELS! I needed to draw Gabe smiling and proud of McCree (Also wanted to draw young McCree *¬*) Hope you like it!

gif “ reference to the naruto chibi gif. well, i’ll try my best to finish it…(weh) ahaha~ i choose to draw the older hanzo cause’ ehh…it’s cute. both of them *flips workplace* (pls. put a credit if you’re posting it on.

b-bor-p.jpg (1080×5760)wwed

b-bor-p.jpg (1080×5760)wwed

McCree Pixel Art

spoiledmysterymeat: “ kylebunk: “McCree Pixel Art ” see it’s stuff like this that drives me to keep trying to improve, look at how slick the movements here are! So much SUBTLETY from such a restrictive medium, it’s always interesting to see how.