Bartalus Bernadett

Bartalus Bernadett

Bartalus Bernadett
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"One of my 'dream tattoos'. If I had the budget, pain tolerance, and the ability to put it somewhere visible. Instead I'm settling on a small horse shoe tattoo to represent everything horse back riding has been to me.

Horse poses

elsa chang When I clicked to see a tutorial - I got this message. Sorry, we've blocked this link because it may lead to spam, nudity or other inappropriate stuff. So, I will just draw from the pictures here.<<<<is k as long as i get pretty horses

Bambi Drawing in color by Iranaa on deviantART

I think I did a very good job! this Is the first time in my whole life I drawn Bambi sooo. I hope you think it's good to Yes I know shame me! Bambi Drawing in color