Marker is attached to 8 strings, and the group has to write out a word by working together and only holding onto the last foot foot of each string.

Team-building: marker attached to 8 strings; group has to write word working together and only holding onto the last of each string

Let the fun begin! The adults wanna play too! #contest

A great way to ensure your guests are fully occupied and entertained, invest in some of these outdoor game ideas for your family reunion

fab team building activity

LOVE THIS GAME. We called it atomic waste. Everyone has to work together to get the balls from one bucket into the other without spilling. (Good idea for team work game in Sunday school or gforce)

leuk voor op een kinderfeestje

Kid made giant maze - so fun. Great as a part of a series of a challenge. The children could make this in an art session too Maybe use straws so easy to cut the length

A hot day+a bunch of kids+balloons+water+towels=Water balloon volleyball!!

Pool Party : Water Balloon Game : Water balloon volleyball for kids using a towel : Easy cooperating game by Urban Goes Country