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a stone wall with a wooden door and glass inserts
Wine Cellar Door Hardware Set #19
custom wine cellar doors | Wine Cellar Door Hardware #14 - Dragon Forge - Colorado Blacksmith
an old fashioned kitchen with lots of windows and decor on the walls, along with a brick oven
FP Blog: Style, Beauty + Lifestyle Inspiration
how's that for a kitchen?! ♥
an old fashioned dining room with wooden tables and benches in front of a fire place
X의 드림팩토리 그림공부봇님(@DF_drawing)
트위터의 드림팩토리 그림공부봇 님: "판타지풍의 인테리어 사진 자료입니다~ (3) https://t.co/Jk5nZrzZ7n"
an old library with many books and pictures on the wall
Library loft at Fonthill Castle, Doylestown, (USA)
an old stone building with trees in the foreground and a photo of a castle on the other side
Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland
Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland. This was one of our favorite stops in our trip to Scotland this year.
an old building with steps leading up to it
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an old building with stone steps and railings