I'm going to do it rn! We're going to Norway tomorrow with my friends yayy I'm so excited

You Wish Your Bar Mitzvah Was This Fabulous

it's funny.my family goes on camping trip with the families of my parents high school friends who they've managed to stay close with all this time. i wanna go camping with all my edgewood friends.

We went night swimming in croatia and it was amazing

go night swimming / bucket list

Barcelona is a wonderful city

A beautiful park partially frames La Sagrada Familia, Guidi’s most well known design in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo By: John & Tina Reid)

We did this with my brother last summer

I've done this( in a Summer camp I used to work for in Maine) we used to hang out by the lake, swim and jump from a swing we all made) those were two of the best summers of my life!

Summer Bucket List.

Counting the days till all the kids are mine again Free Printable Summer Bucket List. Join the Summer Daze Photo Party June

We went skiing to italy and me and my best friends ate a pizza every day to lunch  haha

Inspiring picture before i die, bucket list, cheese, dearbucketlist, eat. Find the picture to your taste!

I'll see them next month omfg

I finally get to cross this and see one direction in concert of my bucket list! Can't wait till August Best night of my life!

Maybe a famous band like one direction or 5 seconds of summer ;

supreme bucket list

I love her and I will never stop (I'm a viewer) I luv u Bethers Just Girly Things

I did it lmao

Watch all of the Harry Potter movies in ONE DAY (This would probably take over 20 hours but would be SO worth it and still make the limit!


But not girley bracelets. Just band bracelets.


okay i've written stuff for classes and junk but i want to write a legit one

I was in a halloween party in germany

Jack Skellington Balloons--Love the way they're lit!

If only...

Kissing is awesome but being kissed unexpectedly.

We tried it with my friends and it was so funny

Zorbing in New Zealand. I have no idea what "zorbing" is exactly, but it seems to involve bubbles and water.

I might be going there next summer

Bucket List - Australia (and see a kangaroo and a koala!