Arms, that's all I gotta say

Calum Bass player for a little band called 5 Seconds of Summer.


This made me think about the future, and how he'll get married, have children and move on. I kept thinking about it and I got this weird feeling in my stomach.

If i was with calum cookin you best belive my appetite would not be for food<<<that comment:)

I hope I get Ashton's cover, but any are good (but I really want Ashton's) ((really bad)) (((realllllyyyyyy baddddd)))


Dumb Ways To Die<hold up is Calum killin us or is the knife and toaster killin calum

Why I love Calum Hood

that's why I love Calum so fricking much<<< i'm currently fangirling over Calum rn lol>> I feel like I just turned into a Calum girl right now. HE IS ADORABLE>>>Calum Thomas Hood is Perfection


I was never good at math, but this makes sense. <<<I was good at math, and dear God this is gold 😂