My hero

My respect for Gerard suddenly just skyrocketed. (Not that it wasn't already incredibly high.)<-- gerard is an amazing person. he is a good role model in many ways (hahah get that ;

The fact that this pic was actually made makes me happy.. I love who ever made this.. MCR for life.

the fact that someone actually made this picture makes me super happy. MCR for life.

my chemical romance Im not okay || I think this gif pretty accurately represents my life

I think this gif pretty accurately represents my life, gerard way, my chemical romance, I'm not ok (I promise) music video

The Black Parade, will carry on by The-MCR-Fan-Club sassy Gerard

oh hi there

gerard way he's a special snowflake<<<cuz every snowflakes different just like you… or should I say… SQUAREFLAKES

You'll never be fucking normal because nobody is fucking normal-Frank Iero