Horse quote

I will never, ever be able to forget you, no matter how many years go by. You will always be in my heart, where ever I go. I will miss you dearly, my baby boy.

So true!

the Doctor has two hearts. many horse people have expressed riding as being the art of becoming two hearts moving as one body. maybe the horsey Whovians find themselves the most like the Doctor when we ride.


People just don't get how much better life is in the saddle. Horses are my life and everything I love and worked for has gone into them. Life just is so much better with horses.

Somebody gets it! The last one is the worst. People don't understand that its just as much work as other sports to ride a horse.

Things I wish I could tell non horse people. so true! Number 5 was my dad every time my mare would lay down for a nap.

Some of the best cowboys in the world... aren't boys. #cavenders

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So true!

I'm a true farmers daughter with a family THAT STILL FARMS and didn't quite along time ago! Can't very well claim your a farm girl if you don't do anything on a farm today! Love spending my weekends and after work at the farm with my family and kids :)

A mantra to ride by.

Ride with your legs, guide with your hands - Jack le Goff- YES! More people need to learn how to ride like this

Cowgirl Problems #8

i got me a big, glitzy belt, four inch heels, turquoise cross necklace the size of Texas, Imma cowgirl!

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