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"Savory Sausage Sandwich Recipe 🥪 | Ultimate Comfort Food"
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Vegan Kimchi
This vegan kimchi is easy to make, completely vegan friendly, and tastes just like regular napa cabbage kimchi! It's perfect for eating as a side while fresh and once it's well fermented, it'll be mouthwateringly tangy, which is still perfect as a side but also great for making kimchi jjigae, kimchijeon (kimchi pancakes), and this super easy and addictive 10-minute kimchi chili oil ramen! We've included step by step instructions with photos below to guide you through the process.
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Mayak Eggs (Korean Marinated Eggs)
Mayak eggs, or Korean soy marinated eggs, is a popular Korean side dish (banchan) made by marinating soft boiled eggs in a soy sauce based marinade. It's sweet, savory, soft, and jammy!