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Fuck it, i'm reading!
a black and green object sitting on top of a white table next to a wall
Artwork : Michael Eddy Artist
a wooden block with a wire drawing of two people kissing on top of each other
33 Amazing Diy Wire Art Ideas
33 Amazing Diy Wire Art Ideas -
a sculpture made out of rocks sitting on top of a wooden table next to a white wall
Amazing Rock Sculptures Perform Impossible Balancing Acts
^The art of sculptor Woods Davy is both inspired by nature and composed of natural elements. The artist, who lives and works in Venice, California, creates what he calls a sense of "Western Zen" with his gravity-defying rock sculptures. His Cantamar and Granite series feature a number of collected stones arranged in an impossible balancing act, leaving one to reflect on its unnatural configuration and one's own spirituality.
an old man holding up a framed photo with the image of himself in black and white
The 42 most liked photos i've posted this year so far - Blog of Francesco Mugnai
The 42 most liked photos i’ve posted this year so far
a pair of shoes that are sitting on the ground in front of a puddle with water
Graphic Design Blog
Das fällt mal wieder unter die Kategorie "Motive die einem am liebsten selbst eingefallen wären". | | #foto #fotografie #fotomontage | | Mehr Fotos und Ideen auf
a pair of shoes sitting on top of a wet ground next to a quote that reads, morning coffee 39 photos
love sign language graffitti. #art #graffitti
a woman laying on top of a sandy beach
20 Ideas de fotos que debes tomarte con tus amigas HOY o te arrepentirás en 10 años
Chica haciendo el efecto de que se come a su mejor amiga
four different pictures with the same person holding something in one hand and an object in the other
These Clever Photo Illusions Will Simply Boggle Your Mind
Look @obxday1012 ! It's the elusive Hawaii waterfall! If only we knew! LOL
a person standing in the middle of a street with their feet up on the ground
a black and white photo of a man's face
Reclaiming The Self - Is Your Sense Of Self An Illusion?
Don't look - too late .... now you can't stop looking ! Profile or front on ??