Fürdőszobaszalon | Laufen – Ino

Free standing white bathtub with a small table for toiletries attached. The off white walls give the bathroom brightness and illumination while the gray marble floors add volume and space.

Fürdőszobaszalon | Laufen-Palace

PALACE by LAUFEN. With Palace being so simple but truly beautiful with its gentle contours, lightness and elegance, wouldn't you want Palace in your Bathroom? Come and visit the team at Saksons and see what we can create for you.

Fürdőszobaszalon | Laufen-Lb3

What is the difference between half a bath versus full bathroom?

Fürdőszobaszalon | Laufen-Laufenpro

LAUFEN pro S is the new member of the successful LAUFEN pro series. Thanks to the delicate redesign, the elegant pro S is compatible with all pro variants.

Fürdőszobaszalon | Laufen-ilbagnoalessidot

Fürdőszobaszalon | Laufen-ilbagnoalessidot