Bogdán Balázs

Bogdán Balázs

Bogdán Balázs
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Royksopp 2015 Tour Visuals on Behance

Summer 2015 I was on tour with Royksopp as a VJ. This summer they performed with singers Jonna Lee from 'iamamiwhoami' and Jamie McDermott from 'The Irrepressibles'. I also made whole content for LED screens.

FITC Amsterdam 2013 - .work | GMUNK

o when FITC Founder and Master of Ceremonies Shawn Pucknell tapped munko to design the Creative / Print Campaign for the fan-favorite 2013 Amsterdam Conference, it was a great opportunity to make something Enter the Void-esque and radical-fresh.

TESSERACT aka HyperCube on Vimeo

In mathematics, the tesseract is the four-dimensional version of the cube. What the square is to the cube, the cube is to the tesseract. A tri-dimentional array…