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Rainbow lilies

Learn all about different types of flowers, from roses and lilies to spring and wedding flowers with stunning photos and planting information.

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cherry blossom by Tharpauk - in flowers - Image Resizer / Wallpaper Maker on Reshade

Japanese Cherry Blossom: Your Japanese Cherry Festival Questions… Answered! What period is the best one to see Cherry Blossom, Kyoto Cherry Festival, end of February What spot could I probably see some cherry blossom at that time


Daisies--my favorite flower. Not too showy, incredibly sturdy and reliable; good traits in a flower and in a person!

Punk roses

Punk roses

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wow... i love the subtle colors of this flower :)

wow... i love the subtle colors of this flower :)

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Daisies: My all time favorite flower! Great photo of shasta daisies along a picket fence.