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"The Little Princess" was the first non-communist statue, created in 1989. Hungarians love her because she's small and feminine, not like the bulky, muscular communist statues the Soviets left behind. Prince William liked her so much when he visited that he had a replica installed at Buckingham Palace in London. Put your hands on her knees to make a wish.

Budapest - 07-01-2007 - 14h33

I don't know much of Budapest yet, but was fascinated at first sight, as so many other people, by the wonderful Danau borders. During my last trip there in January 2007, I met this wonderful bronze statue of a smiling child, which was matching perfectly with the warm, sunny weather prevailing throughout Europe at the very beginning of the year. Had some trouble reading the names of "Kis Királylány" and "Marton Laszlo" on the stone back in Paris but I am grateful to both of them for the joy I…

Statue of Imre Nagy, facing the Parliament at Vértanúk tere (Martyrs' square) in Budapest. By JoF Photography

Imre Nagy Statue

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Franchement, ne mettez jamais les pieds à Budapest !

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