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My name is Carly I am a 28 yr old human I post my art and things that inspire me tags: my art me & the things I collect animal crossing my wishlist elsewhere: Somnium game project illustration portfolio background drawing by me contact: toothdelicious


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art journal sketchbook - original pinner sez: Birds in flight, an unwritten book by fiona of wild goose chase. How I adore a good collection.


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Susun Weed article on medicinal uses for pine

KOHLER Botanical Print Vintage Art Norway European Spruce Pine Cones Evergreen Coniferous Tree Plate Chart Decor to Frame


Spirit Quartz Druzy Gold Dipped Necklace - Featuring a single beautiful natural aqua aura spirit quartz drusy mineral gemstones which was handcrafted into a gold filled bezel set pendant piece. The stone has a pretty natural sparkle.