Items similar to Herkimer diamond necklace - Raw quartz crystal necklace with sterling silver chain & setting - Talisman on Etsy


Purple gemstones Pinning this here because if we colour pick this image, the colors color-picked give a great palette for digital artworks. Same applies to other gemstone pictures.


organic lines / color combination / muted: Rock Illustration, Illustration Crystal, Mineral Illustration, Vintage Mineral, Gem Tattoo


art journal sketchbook - original pinner sez: Birds in flight, an unwritten book by fiona of wild goose chase. How I adore a good collection.

Susun Weed article on medicinal uses for pine

KOHLER Botanical Print Vintage Art Norway European Spruce Pine Cones Evergreen Coniferous Tree Plate Chart Decor to Frame

Rutile Citrine / Mineral Friends <3

Gorgeous Red Rutile in this lovely Quartz - fast sparkly spiritual energy; also good for tissue healing


Spirit Quartz Druzy Gold Dipped Necklace - Featuring a single beautiful natural aqua aura spirit quartz drusy mineral gemstones which was handcrafted into a gold filled bezel set pendant piece. The stone has a pretty natural sparkle.