Budapest, 1945.

DFS 230 glider, carrying supplies, having crashed into Attila út 35 or Attila út Budapest, Hungary, 4 Feb 1945

Budapest 1930

KOZÁK LAJOS Duna-part, lépcső, a felső rakpart a havas úton kerékpáros 1930

home (Budapest)

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A shunting accident on 4th October 1962, saw  a 10 carriage-section of a train crash through its buffers, across the platform of the Nyugati (Western) Railway station, though the glass facade designed by Gutav Eiffel, and right out onto Lenin Boulevard (nowadays Teréz Körút) through the quick action of the rail staff, and the use of the loudspeaker, passengers were warned away, and there were no fatalities.

Poorly managed shunting on the Western Railway Station in Budapest (built by the Eiffel Company) on 4 October 1962 1962  Dreher's cafe, Andrássy blvd.

Klösz György: The Reitter coffee-house in the Dreschler Palace, Budapest, Hungary, 1900

Heroe's square

the oldest underground of Budapest from not so long ago :)) (from the end of the century)

old Budapest:)

Old Budapest/Budapest régen: Old Budapest - Rakoczi Street,Tram,Emke Cafe