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Sonic the hedgehog

I arranged this as best I can, alternate versions are in the same boards of the main series characters. fan children are put in their ship parents' section.
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Official sonic art

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Sonic Fan Comics

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Sonic Boom Running Pose (Upgraded) by FinnAkira on deviantART

Sonic the hedgehog

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Shadow the hedgehog

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smfaa by Tibzonoa
Silver Boom by TheMonstersBride

Silver the hedgehog

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Sonic, Shadow, Silver

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Tails the fox

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Knuckles the echidna

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— Amy - Cream (Batch 1) Uploading the icons from...

Amy Rose the hedgehog

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Sonic and Tails

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Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy

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cream the rabbit by TiggiiOreo on DeviantArt

Cream and Vanilla the rabbits

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Blaze the cat

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Rouge the bat

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Maria Robotnik

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Metal Sonic

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Infinite and Rookie

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Wave wallapaper by Faezza on DeviantArt
Babylon Rogues by manaita on DeviantArt

Babylon Rogues

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Sonic and Eggman

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Cosmo the seedrian

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SydnieB (@8xenon8art) / Twitter

Team Chaotix

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Classic generation sonic

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Sonic character groups

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Other characters

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