Bence Cserván

Bence Cserván

"Visca El Barca" <3
Bence Cserván
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tattoo #fog #staywild instead of a canoe have a kayak or have a rucksack

im against color tattoos, but if i got this one. id color the canoe red, because i used to go canoeing in my grandpas red canoe with my brother and grandpa when i was little.

First Instagram illustration of 2016! I've been traveling and sick the past couple weeks so I'm a little behind on here and life. #art #illustration

Pen and Ink illustration by Sam Larson. Love the use of pointillism to help add tone to the sketch.

03The Geometric Beasts Series by Kerby Rosanes

Filipino illustrator Kerby Rosanes unveils a new graphic project in black and white titled Geometric Beasts, that highlights animals whose body is only composed