Green door

Grab your sunglasses, because today we’re visiting a summer color. Summer makes me think of key lime pie. And yes I know key limes are yellow. But it tastes like lime and lime is … you know, the color lime … So c’mon … Continue reading →

Diggin' this color scheme for the Love Shack.  Throw a few lemon yellows and a royal blue in there and I'm all over it.

This picture shows the design element color. It shows color but using a monochromatic color scheme. It uses many values of the same hue in order to create the monochromatic color scheme. green heels

Green and White Wedding Inspiration

Ideas and products for a green wedding color scheme. On this page you will find many links for quick access to all sorts of things for a green wedding. I have a running Green Wedding photograph boa…

Nature in a bubble

A forest reflected in a clear glass globe. It's like the forest was captured and miniaturized in the glove. Very lovely.

Nature itself

- Gorgeous green landscape—waving rivers of tea—Boseong, Jeollanamdo, South Korea greggusan Daehan Dawon Tourist Tea Plantation

Summer Park, Chamarande, France photo via sebs wish I could sit on that bench.

coffeenuts: “Summer Series - Kiwi Eye by MEGAN-Yrrbby ”

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Duplán természetes egyensúly

Duplán természetes egyensúly