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a ladybug sitting on top of a mushroom next to a snail
Swore Friends
Swore Friends | Amazing Pictures - Amazing Pictures, Images, Photography from Travels All Aronud the World
a plate with three bees on it
Pretty bee plate
a group of different types of bugs on a white background
Mame Mccutchin Projects :: Photos, videos, logos, illustrations and branding
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Honeycomb Ring
an old book with pictures of insects on it
Coleoptera is an order of insects commonly called 'beetles,' or in Greek, 'sheathed wing'. Melolontha vulgaris (may-bug, cockchafer, or sprang-beetle)
an old manuscript with writing on it
ann symes
workman: Charles Darwin Cross writing (technique used for saving paper), 1828My dear Fox I am dying by inches, from not having any body to talk to about insects: — my only reason for writing, is to remove a heavy weight from my mind, so now you must understand, what you will perceive before you come to the end of this; that I am writing merely for my own pleasure & not your’s. — I have been very idle since I left Cambridge in every possible way & amongst the rest in Entomology. I have
an illustration of birds and flowers in a glass case with metal trim around the edges
"The Vivarium or Insect-Home: For Observing the Transformation of Butterflies, Moths and Other Insects"
Entomology necklaces / Bjorg Metal, Diy, Jewellery Making, Jewelry Making, Jewellry, Entomologist
Procesando mantequilla dólar estadounidense bjorg jewellery 2011 lookbook.html
Entomology necklaces / Bjorg
a tiny insect in a glass block being held by someone's hand
Preserve Insects in Resin
How to preserve insects in resin... Must use for entomology!
several plates, cups and saucers are shown in black and white images with insects on them
Laura Zindel Design
I've wanted these since I saw them at the Bone Room in Berkeley. They're too damned expensive though