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two people in a recording studio with headphones on and one person standing next to the camera
Project-Based Learning (PBL)
Tons of resources on Project-Based Learning from
Tips on Formative Assessment from
Formative Assessment | Edutopia
Tips on Formative Assessment from
the worksheet for teaching about rappops and rappopotants with text
Animal Adaptations Brochures & Kagan Training
Animal adaptations research brochure
a baseball player is sliding into home plate
Making Inferences & Predictions in a Story: High School Lesson Plan
Bright Hub Education: Inferences vs. Predictions lesson
a bulletin board with pictures and clothes pins attached to it
Miss Radka's Rhapsody
The Best Part of Me - A great 'first writing project' to begin the year.
a map of the united states with names and locations on it, including several places to visit
The Map Of Native American Tribes You've Never Seen Before
Map of Canada's First Nations - 24x36 poster is $59.00
a collage of images with different things on them and the words teaching for symols
Understanding Canadian Parliament
Teaching Canadian Government - 4 lesson plans covering grade 1 - grade 10
a young boy sitting at a desk writing on a clipboard
Scholastic Teaching Tools | Resources for Teachers
Reading Response Forms and Graphic Organizers
a jar filled with liquid sitting on top of a white table next to a sign that says ocean zones in a jar
I Can Teach My Child!
Make Your Own Ocean Zones in a Jar - I Can Teach My Child!
an open children's book with pictures of cars, trucks and other things on it
Teaching Tools
A Kindergarten Writing Center in Action |
a diagram showing the different skills involved in teaching children to use their computer and social skills
Nonacademic Skills Are Key To Success. But What Should We Call Them?