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Five Buddha Mandala by Aloka. Follow a Rainy Season retreat online - teachings and blogs from Bristol Buddhist Centre in the UK on the Brahma Viharas... March 13th-21st! Email us your own mandala pictures to be featured on Instagram!

Zodiac Heaven * Dharma Stars: The Mandala.a " celestial place, " where all the buddhas and bodhisattvas abide to help transform the mundane psyche into sacred unity.

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It is called the 5 Buddha families. here is an image for what each colour stands for

Buddhism, Symbols, Mandala, Icons, Mandalas

5 wisdoms

5 wisdoms

Avalokiteshvara, Buddha of Compassion.

Thousand Arms of Compassion (Esoteric Black Thangka), Thangka Tibetan Thangka Painting with wih 24 Karat Gold