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Precious smol cinnamon roll

bamsarakiilledyou: “ the-new-security-guard: “ gay–dog: “ a small sans animation i really need to get back to animating aaa i miss it ” CUTIE ” yAs ”

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Don’t know why fans like to combine sans and bill it’s absolutely crazy (((((and sexy (OMG bones and triangles are so greaaaat ((Is this AU called Gravitytale (or.

[Undertale] Sans x Frisk

Part three of four c: Sorry for such the long wait; I was finishing up my portfolio, celebrating it being over, SLEEPING (I slept 14 hours. It was that bad xDD)  Yeah, just a lot going on the .

Cute :3

See, this is why I love Asgore. Yes, he made huge mistakes but he was just trying to make things better for his own people.<<==I really ship Asgore and Gaster, so this is adorable