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two different scenes from the movie harry potter, one with red hair and one with green eyes
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Harry Potter's Movies
the harry potter quote is shown in black and white
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Harry Potter <3
some people are watching something on the screen and one is talking to another person with glasses
Page 7 – The Internet's Most Asked Questions
A Harry Potter Party
many different pictures of people with their hair blowing in the wind
I feel like I grew up with these guys…
two pictures with the words harry potters, kill or die and do anything for their children
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I love this - I'm such a nerd!
an advertisement for the band's new album, i am not sure what they are
JK Rowling is a genius.
the many faces of harry potter from harry potter to hermilan, and his name is
Awesome Potter Is Awesome
awesome Potter
two blue doors with fire exit signs on them and the caption in case of fire you are destined to burn
I am so ridiculously amused by Harry Potter humor! I love how you can take something so simple and turn it into a Harry Potter reference. Just love it.
an image of harry potter comic strip
On life and time.
Harry Potter
multiple images of different colors and shapes
Harry Potter Lulz
Harry Potter funnies featuring Mean Girls, Twilight, and Glee. Oh my GOSH! XD
an image of harry potters character sheet for the movie, which is also in english and
On life and time.
Harry Potter and the Seven Stages of Denial.
several different types of web pages with the words google on them and an image of a man
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Would be so much easier
Brilliant :)
Harry Potter & Game of Thrones
the harry potters characters are depicted in this cartoon character poster, which features their names and
Leaving Facebook
This is ridiculous, but it made me giggle