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Bence Kulcsar

Bence Kulcsar
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Cost Of Delay mechanism

Cost Of Delay mechanism

Ottawa Agile Development is a group of software development methods in which requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams.

High Functioning Dysfunction -LeadingAgile

Let's uncover three organizational dysfunction and three ways to overcome the symptoms that continue to plague the world of software development.

How to put together an effective planning and delivery pipeline for maximum productivity and creativity.

How to put together an effective planning and delivery pipeline for maximum productivity and creativity.

OnTheAgilePath – Coaching using the 5-minute-coach approach – impressions and questions

OnTheAgilePath – Coaching using the approach – impressions and questions

Which features should you put on the product roadmap? Here are seven different techniques you can use to determine the best initiatives.

How Product Managers Decide What to Build – Jim Semick – Medium

Tasks of an Agile Coach/ScrumMaster

Tasks of an Agile Coach as poster – as promised in 2015 – OnTheAgilePath

OnTheAgilePath – Will you try this fast group synchronization and replace your one on ones?

With this post I describe our newly introduced group synchronization - 8 on 8 - where all Agile Coaches synch together regarding their current situation and feelings.