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Intergalactic Raygun

Paige: I like the idea of our little creature, Fitz, having a weapon to compensate for his lack of ability to fight. And it would be comedic to see such a cute harmless creature take on a weapon like that.


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The middle of the alchemical work: Conjunction. The steps ascending up the alchemical mount are calcination, sublimation, solution, putrefaction, distillation, coagulation and then tincture. Steffan Michelspacher, Cabala: Spiegel der Kunst und Natur in Alchymia (Augsburg 1616)

The Cave of the Ancients, from Stefan Michel Spacher's Cabala: Spiegel der Kunst und Natur in Alchymia, showing the alchemical mountain, with a blindfolded man initiate being led into a rabbit hole at the bottom.

nigredo stage, blackening, alchemist in flask by Karena A. Karras

Immersed in Mercurial Water, the Homunculus (Latin, “little man”), having undergone the Calcinations of the Sun, is heated to the point of Sophic Putrefaction. The Alchemist’s.