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DIY Beautiful Paper Flower. I like this site!

These gorgeous fabric flowers make the perfect accessory when attached to a brooch, headband or pin. Martha Stewart shares the full tutorial.

Zapfen-Ski-Zwergerl und andere Adventsideen

Unser (Bastel-) Wochenende in Bildern: Basteln zu Weihnachten

One of my FAVORITE pins of all: look at that sweet face. & NO long disgusting nose.

Lovely card spotted by my friend Claire. More ways to encourage me to buy border punches?

Because I am new to cardmaking, I am always on the lookout for simple ideas. To me, this is one of those simple cards that can be used not only for birthdays, but also "Just Because, or "Think of You.

unique homemade cards | 10 Clever and Unique Birthday Card Ideas

10 Clever and Unique Birthday Card Ideas