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people are on the beach and in the water near some cliffs with rock formations above them
Vacation Planner for Your Holidays: TripHobo
Turquoise Sea, Puglia, Italy
people in pink life vests paddling through the water near a sign that says xcaret
Amber Pietan Travel Agency
Cancun, Mexico- Xcaret Underground River, one of the coolest things youll ever do
two people riding bikes on a mountain road
Gavia Pass
Gavia Road, Gavia Pass (2621m), Italy ~ When looking at the Michelin map, it is said that this pass is a "difficult or dangerous road". When looking at the photo, it can be better understood. Apparently, the road is not well maintained (hey, that's Italy) and (big) stone falls are common...
an old cobblestone street with stone buildings
Chocolat .......
"Where the film, 'Chocolat' was filmed..." Beynac, France
an old castle sitting on top of a cliff
Roccascalegna castle. Abruzzo, Italy.
an orange building with a waterfall in the background
Nachi Falls, Nachikatsuura, Japan
an old building with many windows and shutters on the outside, next to a street
Salita del Grillo, Salendo verso il Quirinale, Rome
an arch in the middle of a street with people walking on it and shops lining both sides
Siena Walkway - Montepulciano, Siena, Tuscany, Italy
an old town on top of a hill with trees in the foreground and dark clouds overhead
Montepulciano, province of siena Tuscany, Italy