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Get rid of REED problems. Kick the cane reed monster!  TRY the world's best, premium, synthetic reeds for clarinet and saxophone!  NEW HEMP reed is AMAZING. Better than cane and best of brand!  Try 2 week trial now! #kickthemonster

Omg my clarinet friend always try to play on really chipped reeds and when she squeaks our band director comes over and says, " Its your reed," LOL

Bomber, DeLorean and 007 Manson Guitars #MattBellamy #MUSE

Bomber, DeLorean and 007 Manson Guitars << I really like the first guitar (from left). it reminds me of Starlight.

2009 Knaggs Guitars Severn Trem in Golden Natural

2009 Knaggs Guitars Early Severn Trem in Golden Natural. The Severn was initially designed in The special lamination and finish process was developed before they founded Knaggs Guitars and has since become their Signature look.