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Power Laws in Network Topology - Protein Interaction

The complex network representation of different systems as networks has revealed surprising similarities, many of which are intimately tied to power laws.

Here's To Humanity

Here's To Humanity - at 25 years old - what comes next - this inspirational video reflects on the past and makes you think about the future.

How Does the Internet Actually Work?

Showcase and discover the latest work from top online portfolios by creative professionals across industries.

The Evolution of Computer Viruses #Infographic #ComputerViruses

The Evolution of Computer Viruses [Infographic]: Since their inception Computer Viruses has done a lot of damage to not just big time industries, but also to the normal individuals across the world. These Computer Viruses became so popular and

The Evolution of DevOps: Enterprise’s Solution to Software Development [Infographic]

This infographic tells a comprehensive DevOps story as it showcases data from multiple IDG Enterprise studies to provide you with a complete guide to the evolution of DevOps; from why it was created to how it’s being used in business today.

this infographic talks about the internet statistics which says the percentage of internet users which is percent. also it shows the amount of gigabytes used per day.