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Orsolya Béres

Orsolya Béres
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Lily Tattoo 2 by meripihka on deviantART

Lily tattoo that I'm considering? I am thinking only about two inches or smaller if possible and on the top of my foot? Only one of the flower lilies.

The style of this with only shading is wonderful. I want an orchid in this technique! <321 Katlyn Constance Katastrophe

single lily flower tattoos for girls - White lilies symbolize modesty and virginity. Red lilies portray love, ardor, and affection for loved ones. Orange lilies stand for happiness, passion, and warmth.

Accentuate your nail art with these beautiful patterns with diamonds for added shine.

Achieve a sophisticated and sensual look by adding a trend to a trend. Matte maroon nail polish works best on these elongated coffin nails. And then partner it off with a matte maroon and black ombre lips to complete the… Continue Reading →