Krisztina Berkes-Tóth

Krisztina Berkes-Tóth

Krisztina Berkes-Tóth
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81 Stylish Spring & Summer Outfit Ideas 2016

Stitch Fix Stylist - I really like the vintage lace cardigan with floral tank top. It's very feminine. I would probably need a smaller floral print though on my small frame. Not really a fan of the purse as it doesn't look practical with 2 under 2 kids.

Spring is my Mum's favourite season as she can finally start growing flowers in the garden again! #MyInterfloraMum

A lovely flower pot display for the garden using an old ladder and potted plant colour. Would suit a patio or a small garden or balcony.

a beautiful pitcher of lemonade for an outdoor party

If you are looking for a way to stay hydrated and have a nice looking cocktail drink, this strawberry- Mint Infused water is a great idea. It is both refreshing and tasty at the same time

Lancome Makeup Collection Spring 2016

The entire Lancome Spring 2016 range is gorgeous and it's going to be part of my year!