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a woman sitting on top of a dragon under water
Always Together, (Yuumei) Wenqing Yan
ArtStation - Always Together
a dragon is flying through the air with flowers on it's tail and stars in the sky
a drawing of a dragon with green hair
Rei's blog
an illustration of a tree with pink and white snakes on it's branches, in front of a blue background
Cherry Blossom Dragon
a white and blue dragon with horns on it's head, standing in front of a
Naomi Lord on Instagram: “✨💙 Next up for my Mythical Creatures series is a Dragon!! (Is there a specific name for this species of dragon?) 💙✨ What mythical creature…”
a girl and a dragon are in the middle of an underwater scene with blue water
a pink and white dragon sitting on top of a tree branch with flowers around it
a drawing of a blue dragon with water droplets on it's body and head