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a cat sitting on top of a chair next to a quilt
21 Dazzling Inspiring ideas For #quiltsforkids
a quilt made with different colored blocks
a bed with a quilt on it that is made to look like an argyle pattern
really like this. Neat and orderly
a person holding up a quilt made with squares
Charm pack with spiral quilting
Marmalade Squares (Two) pattern by Katie @swimbikequilt and spiral quilting inspired by AmandaJean @ CrazyMomQuilts
there is a white quilt on top of a table next to a window with shutters
Books and patterns on quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet, and crafts.
Martingale - Start with Strips (Print version + eBook bundle)
a yellow flower painted on the side of a gray rock with white and red dots
a close up of a piece of fabric on a table
Tutorial – Quilt Binding with Mitered Corners
Tutorial – Quilt Binding with Mitered Corners
a person is holding a box full of different colored candy wrappers in their hands
Пэчворк на бумажном шаблоне (English Paper Piecing), МК
Great idea! Make hexes whenever u have a few scraps and start a box to collect them..
two small purses are hanging on hooks
Krealia Patchwork •✿• Teresa Restegui •✿•
an image of a drawing with animals in it
Album Archive
a wire wrapped pendant is being held by someone's hand and it has a large stone in the center
Start A Fire
Check out! How to wire wrap a stone or gem pendant. Step by step tutorial on wire wrapping.
a large group of different colored squares with numbers on each one and the other side
Everyone deserves a perfect world!
DIY T-shirt Quilt Pattern with Calculated Blocks: The hardest part is arranging everything to fit! Creating a pattern makes it easy to keep track of all the t-shirts, and you can customize it to make each block the color of its corresponding shirt. by bonita